I have heard zilch from them about the shaft change. It is easy to use, accuracy spot on and altogether a fantastic driver. I did not even have to pay shipping. Usty 7 years ago. I immediately re-shafted it with a Graman cherry bomb X and took it to the range. Thanks for everyones interest in Air Force One.

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You can get a driver on ebay for about Roy D Tousley 8 years ago. Curious as to whether anybody has tried out the Powerbilt nitrogen Force One Air Foil Player Series Irons or whether mygolfspy be providing a review of these any powerbilt nitrogen soon.

Taz 6 years ago. Keeping in mind that most people greatly exaggerate their distances especially the driverI was very, very surprised powerbilt nitrogen my numbers.

Hit it as straight…and longer by a minimum of 10 to 15 yards. This review has followed a good recent discussion powerbilt nitrogen the forum about this driver. I have been playing the taylormade burner for a long time.

Review: PowerBilt Nitrogen-Charged Driver

May as well throw my comments in the mix. Driver, fairway woods, irons Citation CShybids…I hope to get pwoerbilt equipment soon. Hugh 7 years ago. Last year at Demo Days, they only had a closed driver in a regular flex.


Powerbilt nitrogen had no idea of the distance, just the feel and ball flight. Really seems poserbilt give some good stability and distance of powerbilt nitrogen tee It is funny how you can closet these things and forget about them.

Keep up the great work.

PowerBilt Air Force One Degree Driver Nitrogen Powered Graphite Regular | eBay

You must reach extreme high or low temperatures in powefbilt to change the molecular capabilities of nitrogen. Powerbilt nitrogen prefer a 57g shaft with 3. Too late now,,see what happens! The feel too is a little tinny, but solid when you hit the sweet spot. powerbilt nitrogen

PowerBilt Air Force One 9.5 Degree Driver Nitrogen Powered Graphite Regular

In the long irons thee powerbilt nitrogen point is low to promote higher trajectory. Forget the powerbilt nitrogen crapola. In recent years it sure feels like the marketing guys are taking over, and the actual science and engineering is either getting lost entirely, or getting an unnecessary powder coating of absolute Nutrogen.

So that leaves P and nT.

Review: PowerBilt Nitrogen-Charged Driver – Chicago Golf Report

I hit some serious powerbilt nitrogen hooks on the course that I never encountered with the Adams. I have almost total confidence in my D3 and virtually none with the PB. Best value in golf, period space space. One thing missing poowerbilt this review is the differences between the MOI and Tour versions. Foz 7 years ago. After several rounds, the club began to rattle inside.


I usually get out of it but I got a this week! It was an indoor driving range. The powerbilt nitrogen risk here, I think, is ordering the club bux sight unseen.

Set your ego aside and start outdriving the other 3 guys in the group. Roesiger 8 years powerbilt nitrogen. It seems that Powerbilt had been having some Computer problems which is why I never received an answer.